Sat. May 21st, 2022

Sad, pensive young woman sitting on a beach

Growing up isn’t easy! Being a teenager means having a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions. It’s understandable to feel frustrated and lonely when you can’t find an empathetic ear. Don’t lose hope because you can help yourself feel better. Here’s what you can do when no one understands how you feel:

1. It’s okay to be not okay

Feeling misunderstood is upsetting. Often, our immediate response is to get over the feelings of unhappiness as fast as we can. And that’s where the problem begins. Feelings don’t go away when they are swept under the rug or buried. It is important to acknowledge that you’re feeling gloomy. Take a minute to be okay with not being okay, because nobody in the world is a hundred per cent happy all the time.

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